Passion to Purpose
Bootcamp 2020

Kingsbridge Conference Centre
March 5-7, 2020

Equipping young Canadians with the tools they need to do something about the current issues that matter to them.

Duke Den Participants received a total amount of $100,000 for their scaleup projects

This March 2020, Passion to Purpose Bootcamp was held at Kingbridge Conference Centre, King, ON. The event brought 60 past forum participants from across Canada for an intensive bootcamp weekend. The event aimed to support young people by giving them industry knowledge to help them improve themselves and their projects. The workshop topics delve into self-improvement, marketing, branding, and communications.


One of the highlights of the weekend is the ‘Duke Den‘. Through the Duke Den, participants who have finished and completed a project with a Passion to Purpose Community Grant were able to pitch a scaleup project idea to top industry professionals. All scaleup participants were funded a total of $100,000 altogether.


If you would like to be invited to the next Bootcamp, be sure to sign-up for Passion to Purpose Forum and complete a project with Passion to Purpose Community Grant.

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