Passion to Purpose
Community Service Grants

Program update

January 28, 2021 – Our program has received tremendous interest from young people like you who are ready to make meaningful impact in their communities. Unfortunately at this time, due to limited funding,  we are momentarily pausing new applications. If you submitted a proposal before January 30th, 2021, your application is in the queue for review.


We will be reopening the application portal in the coming weeks with updated resources, an easier application process and more support for you! Make sure you sign up for the waiting list to be notified as soon as our application portal becomes active.


If you have any questions, or an urgent request, please email us at A member of the team will respond to your request within 3 to 5 business days via email. We’ll see you soon!

Do you have a simple community project idea?

Time to turn your passion into meaningful action!

The Award is looking for young people who are inspired with ideas
and ready to take action through youth-led community service grants.

These digital grants can help empower yourself
and have an impact in your community.


Create your vision and project plan.


Choose your grant category and apply!


Implement your project and make an impact!


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Apply for a grant!

We offer three level of grants

For simple ideas that can be accomplished by you and a friend.

For bigger ideas that can be be accomplished with a small group of friends.

For projects that involved a larger group of people with a greater impact.

Are you interested in doing a community service project but are not sure of what level of grant you would need or the type of details required for your project? Check out our new dedicated application forms that are designed by project type. Each form will walk you through the specific details you need to submit for the type of project (care packages, community garden, etc) you are interested in doing.

Tools and Resources


Schedule a call with us and let us help you with your project.

Grant Requirements

What do you need to know before getting started?

Community Projects

Read more community projects and be inspired!


Need help with creating project plans? Budget? We got you covered!

Special Projects Application Forms

Dedicated application forms that are designed by project type.

Mental Health Resource

It is important to take care of your mind.

Canada Service Corps

Canada Service Corps is a federal program that is being developed by youth, for youth. The program aims to support young Canadians to get involved in their community through service opportunities, while at the same time gaining valuable skills that will benefit them in life and work.

See resources to help you design and build
your project!

See grant requirements before applying!

Launch your project and be one of the young people making a difference in their communities.

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Ready to apply for your grant?

In the application form, you will be asked questions about yourself, your project, project budget and how you will implement it

Be sure to visit the following pages before applying:

Grant Requirements

Things you need to know before applying

Eligibility Checklist

Are you eligible for a passion to purpose grant?

Budget Templates

You can either fill in the budget in the application form, or download the budget template, which can be uploaded in P2P's WeTransfer account.


Discover our tips and tricks on how to create a successful Passion to Purpose Community Project!