Project Templates

Download and follow these project templates to easily implement a Passion to Purpose Project in your community!

Shareable Learning and Awareness Materials

You can use funds towards creating and sharing materials that are designed for awareness of a community issue, such pamphlets, flyers, brochures, and books. You must let our team know what content will be on these materials prior to being approved.

Care Packages

Care packages or hampers are containers that include essentials like sanitary items, food, clothing. Youth often make care packages, as a common type of grant project. The care package should be designed to address the needs of those who receive them.

Community Garden & Green Spaces

These are projects where you and your team are looking to create an area for use as a community garden or green space. The purpose of the garden should be to create a garden where community members get together to cultivate the land as a group and harvest the produce for community use. 

Community Space Upgrades and Improvements

You can request funds to improve upon an area or structure that used as a community space, with barrier free public access. If the space that is going to be updated is on a building structure, your project can only be eligible if it is a community organization or nonprofit that has community services – it cannot be for buildings that provide for profit services or are social enterprises. The purpose of the improvement should be for increased community use is safe and engaging manner.

Digital / Print Media Content Creation
and Distribution

You can use grant funds can be used towards creating digital or print media content. You can also use the funds for showcasing this content, like hosting an art exhibit or screening of a film. Your content must focus on a community issue with the goal of encouraging and facilitating conversation about the issue.

Workshops and Learning Experiences

These include projects where you are designing a learning experience or interactive activity that will teach a new skill, share cultural or regional knowledge, and/or promote discussions about community issues or causes. The purpose of these learnings should be to create a space and opportunity for members of the community who may not have access to such experiences. 


You can apply to host an event that aims to bring community members together to raise awareness for a community issue or cause. The purpose of these gatherings should be to create a space and opportunity for the community to get together and discuss issues the community is facing or to promote togetherness.

Markets and Community Fairs

Youth can apply for the grant to set up a market style community gathering, if the purpose is to provide opportunities for youth to showcase their products, where these opportunities might not exist. Markets and community fairs are eligible grant projects when you are providing an opportunity for the community to get together and engage with one another.

Creating online content and Services

You can create websites, apps, magazines, or zines & web blogs as eligible projects. The purpose of these online services and content should be to raise awareness of a community issue or to share solutions to those issues.

On the land projects - Indigenous Youth

Indigenous youth can apply for grant funds to support lessons and activities that focus on hunting, gathering and land-based learning. The goal of such projects should be to invite community members to share knowledge with others and invite youth to experience these learnings where these cultural learnings are limited.

Sports Tournament and Physical Activity Programs

You can request funds to develop a sports program or competition for community members. You can your team must be the ones hosting and running the event. It must be free and open to anyone who wishes to participate.

School Events

Students can apply to organize an event for their school if the event is a new initiative that the applicant and team developed. Grant funds can be used towards a school or student club related engagement activity or awareness campaign. The applicant and team must be doing this project outside of any school requirement for a course credit and on volunteered time.

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