Breakout Session

1. Think about the communities you picked on pg. 4 of the workbook
2. Select one common issue/community relevant to all team members
3. Build out this idea using the fillable project template on the right

4. Pick Roles and build your team:
✓  Team Typist – person who takes notes
✓  Team Moderator – person who keeps workshop on time
✓  Team Voice – person who will share your project to everyone

5. Send the name of your team voice to Aida as a private message 

You have 20 minutes to complete your project template as a group Issues? Message Aida or Eunice in the chat.


Workshops and Learning
Experiences ​ Template

These include projects where you are designing a learning experience or interactive activity that will teach a new skill, share cultural or regional knowledge, and/or promote discussions about community issues or causes. The purpose of these learnings should be to create a space and opportunity for members of the community who may not have access to such experiences. 

What do you want to do next?