Passion to Purpose
Regina 2018

University of Regina, Saskatchewan 
July 8 -13, 2019

Equipping young Canadians with the tools they need to do something about the current issues that matter to them.

In Their Own Words...

"P2P taught me that learning outside the classroom is just as important as learning inside. I tried so many new things while at P2P, all of which were fun and engaging.."

Dustin McKee
P2P Regina Alumni

Daily Themes

Find your spark

Day one, participants were challenged to brainstorm how their project could benefit their community in a responsible and effective way.

Discover you

Day two focused on finding ones strength and developing ideas.

Youth Mobilizing

Day three inspired participants to create a difference and impact even at a young age.

Show me the money

Day four focused on creating and developing project plans and budgets.

Embrace your story

Day five focused finding one's passion and using it to create a service-led community project.

Last August 2018, 100 young Canadians were a part of the very first Passion to Purpose, leadership forum that was held at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan.


It was an inspiring week for all participants as they worked to turn their passion into an action plan that they will implement into their community. 


Each day began with a Duke Talk from speakers who are change-makers in their own communities.


Workshops and outdoor activities supplemented the schedule, inspiring and building the participants’ confidence. 

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