Hannah Wang encourages community to use zero waste products

What was the goal of your project?

The goal of my project was to provide zero waste packages to my community to encourage and help support people in my community to live a more sustainable lifestyle along with education on sustainability. I was able to provide the packages and resource brochures to Ecosource, and in doing so I believe this can help more people in the community start their journey towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

How many people were directly impacted by your project?

At least 100 people were directly impacted by my project through ZWP’s Instagram account which serves as the education and resource platform for the project. The number will increase by at least 50 people and (potentially more) when the resource brochures and zero waste packages are distributed in the community.

How did the community receive your project?

The community will receive my project through the zero waste packages I put together from Ecosource. Ecosource has provided positive feedback of the eco-friendly kits, and I hope to hear more feedback from the people who will use the actual packages.

What did you learn as you planned your project? Were there any changes you did not plan for?

There were definitely changes that I did not plan for. Initially I planned on doing a workshop to educate the community on sustainability, provide resources and hand out the zero waste packages. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and public health concerns, I was unable to hold a workshop. I adapted to these changes by donating the packages and resources directly to Ecosource. They will distribute the packages on my behalf once it becomes safe enough to do so. Since Ecosource is a non-profit organization focused on the environment and being eco-friendly, I am confident in their ability to provide education of the packages and resources to the community.

If you could do things differently, what would you do? What were the opportunities for learning you experienced?

The zero waste packages are the biggest success of this project as they provide sustainable alternatives to the everyday items we use, and I am also very pleased with the resource brochures as they are easy to access and I believe they can help the community with finding easy ways to live a sustainable lifestyle.


If I could do things differently, I would have planned an online workshop for my project due to current circumstances. I am very pleased with how the packages turned out and I am confident they will make a positive impact in the community. I believe this experience taught me a lot about communication, planning, and research.

Hannah Wang’s Zero Waste Package

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